Cricket and Baseball Fielding Positions

To the baseball fanatics who find a cricket field incredibly confusing, here is the outline cricket fielding positions for a right-handed batsman facing a right-handed bowler. (If the bowler or batsman is left-handed, then the positions are reversed, as if you had a mirror going down the circle from north to south.)

For you cricket nuts, here’s the much simpler baseball fielding positions, which are the same whether the pitcher or batter is right- or left-handed.


6 Responses to Cricket and Baseball Fielding Positions

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  2. A person who know cricket well says:

    If the bowler is left-handed the field does not change.

  3. Marrion Crew says:

    This baseball field diagram is WRONG!
    The foul lines do not belong there. Foul lines in baseball are formed by straight lines between home plate and 1st (& 3rd) base, and this straight line extends to the fields end.

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