Podcast 01: An Introduction to Right Off the Bat

In which we talk about who we are and how we’re pleased it’s Friday 13th.

(Read the transcript here.)

Podcast 02: The Streak and What’s in a Name

In which we talk about the great Joe DiMaggio and the magnificently named Sri Lankan cricket team.

(Read the transcript here.)

Podcast 03: Right Off the Bat at BookExpo America

In which we—and our publisher, Paul Dry—talk about Right Off the Bat.

Podcast 04: What We Were Thinking When We Wrote Right Off the Bat

In which we discuss our intentions when writing the book and describe the forthcoming e-version of Right Off the Bat.

Podcast 05: The Weather

July 1, 2011: A summery reflection on how the weather impacts cricket and baseball

Podcast 06: Baseball Predictions 2012

Evander, here on his solo run without Martin (who’s on hiatus), discussing his baseball predictions of 2012. It’s cricket-free: Sorry cricket fans.


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