Malinga the Marauder: The Bringer of Yorkers

What can one say about the Sri Lankan fast bowler Lasith Malinga, deliverer of torment to batsmen everywhere through his mastery of one of most deadly weapons in a bowler’s arsenal: the yorker? This is a ball that is speared right at your feet, and when it is delivered at 90 miles an hour, it’s nigh on impossible to get your bat down in time to stop it from hitting your boots right in front of the wicket (you’re out leg before wicket) or “knocking over the furniture” (to use one of the more colorful phrases for being bowled). All you can do is stab the bat down and hope. Malinga’s yorker is aided by his low, slinging delivery, but it’s his masterly control of length that makes it so devastating. Here he is, destroying the hapless Kenyan batting line-up in a recent World Cup game.


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