Ready for Our Closeup, the World Cup, Spring, and Right Off the Bat Proof Has Arrived!

While co-writer Martin is basking in the sun at the vernal equinox, in Parts Unknown, I have finished my work on proof copy of Right Off the Bat. Mostly in spite of my efforts (such as they have been) the book looks good! There are a couple of inevitable glitches, but surprisingly few. Unlike James Joyce, who added wordage amounting to one-third to his epic Ulysses in galleys, I refrain from killing more trees and inflating the very low, low retail price of $16.95, all thanks to the good folks at Paul Dry Books. After poring over the proof, for which I took time out from coverage of World Cup 2011 (our Lads are in the Quarter Finals!), I can say without question I am ready for my cricket closeup, Mr. DeMille (or Mr. Charlie Rose).

We're ready for our closeup, Mr. Rose!


About rightoffthebatbook

Co-author of the book, "Right Off the Bat: Baseball, Cricket, Literature, and Life"
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