Australia versus India: The Big One

It was meant to be the final: the Australians, reigning champions and looking to win for a world-record fourth time in succession, versus the Indians, a team packed full of superstars, who have 1.2 billion people rooting for them and are the home team. Yet, because of India’s failure to top their group, it’s the quarter-final instead. Both teams have their weaknesses, both (perhaps) are not at their best—Australia having lost to Pakistan, and India having tied with England earlier in the tournament. But they have two of the greatest batsmen of the last two decades—Ricky Ponting and Sachin Tendulkar—while Australia have the menacing speedsters Brett Lee and Shaun Tait, and India possess the juggernaut that is Virender Sehwag, who’s racing against time to get fit for this game. It promises to be a game of epic proportions—a Mahabharata of a conflict featuring cricketing gods and royalty fighting it out on the field of battle. And it’ll all be resolved by Thursday noon EST in the United States. Here’s Sehwag at his most destructive—and against the Aussies as well.


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