An Ordinary Evening in Boston

Concerning the t-storms of Yucatan and the squeeze play....

Cricket fans ought to realize the greatest rivalry outside England versus Australia is the Boston Red Sox versus the New York Yankees. The Sox have their home opener tomorrow, Friday, April 8. They are hoping for sunny skies in New England. Shall we put the Sox 0-6 start into perspective? There are 156 more games for them. A National Basketball Association team plays 82 in a full season. A Major League Baseball team could lose 75 games and still win the World Series. (The 2000 New York Yankees did it.) To me, the unique element that makes baseball baseball is that it is played every day. For the fan, baseball is an addiction. It is a soap opera. It is the “Guiding Light”. We fans become involved, virtually interacting daily with, let’s face it, complete strangers (viz., the ballplayers) on an intimate level: day in and day out. As Wallace Stevens says in “Study of Images I”: “The blood refreshes with its stale demands.”


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