The Bryan Stow Incident in Los Angeles

The story of fan Bryan Stow, badly beaten at a Los Angeles Dodgers game for displaying his preference for “the wrong team,” gives all so-called fans a bloody eye. We at Right Off the Bat condemn violence, in any form, at all baseball stadiums.

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4 Responses to The Bryan Stow Incident in Los Angeles

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  2. Catherine Lemus says:

    Seems they just found a video tape of Bryan Stow in a verbal altercation with another fan during the game. When the fan gets up out of his seat to walk up about 5 rows or so to tell Stowe to calm down/shut up, Stow seems to keep up whatever it is he was asked to stop saying as the annoyed Dodger fan walks away, so it seems Stow may have been drunk/belligerent and hence inciting violence. (I’m thinking he had to be drunk to be loud enough for another man several rows below to get up and ask him to quiet down and continue to annoy others around him). Maybe alcohol should be prohibited.

  3. Joanne says:

    I’m sorry…….were you there?

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