Baseball Fans, Welcome to May

Before Highway 61 was revisited there was the 56-game hitting streak

May Day. Unions in France. Rockets in Red Square. Maypole dancing in England. The solemnity of Memorial Day. May! In exactly two weeks, it is the date, seventy years ago, on which Joe DiMaggio unknowingly began to make history. Nine days later, Bob Dylan was born. (Against the Boston Red Sox, The Clipper picked up a lowly single that afternoon in Game Ten, though he did score twice.) A baseball expression has it that no one ought to pay attention to April or September. But the games of these bookend months count in the standings, too, don’t they? April showers are behind us. The end of the school year is before us. I can feel the earth warming. The veterans are flexing their muscles. Welcome, everybody, to May!


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