Peter Falk and Derek Jeter: Just One More Thing, Ma’am

When Derek Jeter might reach 3,000 hits is a mystery worthy of the late Peter Falk in his most celebrated role as TV sleuth Columbo.

It’s been a tough news day. First, it was reported that Yankees superstar Derek Jeter’s quest for the magical number of 3,000 hits in his career (he is six shy; cricket fans, out of 17,000 players who have made it in Major League Baseball, only 27 batters have collected 3,000 hits or more) may still be on ice since his aching calf muscle continues to be. Then, it was reported that Peter Falk died after a long battle with either dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. I feel bad for pal and TV critic extraordinary Mark Dawidziak, who came to know and admire Mr. Falk thro work on his definitive study, The Columbo Phile.


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