More on the National Baseball Hall of Fame Selections

Dave Parker: No Boy Scout but What Talent!

Dave Parker belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame as much as Jim Rice does. But Parker has never received more than 24 percent of the vote, and is no longer eligible. He and Rice had Most Valuable Player seasons in 1978. Parker carries the stigma of cocaine, let’s face it. If I had to choose between Parker and Rice, I never would have hesitated to say Parker. To me, Parker in his prime was more dangerous than HOFer Dave Winfield and as much a complete player. (Parker even stole 154 bases.)

(On a similar note: What do readers think of Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas’s chances for the Hall? I would say excellent. But even with 521 career home runs, probably not on the first round.)

I doubt Parker will receive much support from the Veterans Committee.

Hall of Fame selections are often questionable to say the least.


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