Meeting Denny McLain

Denny McLain during his organ-playing days in "Lost Wages"

There were four postseason baseball games on yesterday. But what did I (Evander) do? I shook Denny McLain’s hand. He’s really huge now, and I would not otherwise recognize him. Like all former baseball players, he has an iron grip. “You should be in the Hall of Fame,” I said. “Thank you,” McLain nodded. Little did he know, this was not an offhand compliment from my end, that I had already sounded off on the subject in these here blogs, that I think it is time perhaps to forgive the felony convictions and consider moving on. In this day of five- and six-man rotations backed by relief specialists of all stripes, from mop-up to middle-inning to set-up to closer, no pitcher will win thirty games in one season again….I wonder how many baseball games are on today, Sunday. Oh, happy day!


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