A. J. Burnett Tries to Save Yankees Season

A. J. Burnett looking like Harrison Ford. I hope he pitches more like Whitey Ford.

I (Evander) hope the message tonight from Detroit is not “Yanqui Go Home!” The Yankees’s season rests on the shoulders and strong right arm of A. J. Burnett. The offense has sputtered. Those home runs the Yankees hit at their new stadium are merely loud outs at Comerica. The secrets of Yankees greatness in the past were: Pitching, Defense, and a stadium so difficult to hit dingers in that most of the players, certainly the right-handed batters from Joe DiMaggio on down, couldn’t wait to go on the road, especially in big series. (Opposing batters were on their own with “Death Valley” in left field.) The Yankees defense so far has been solid. Even A-Rod and Mark Teixeira, with their offensive woes to date, are doing it on the field. But pitching! Success in the old days came from Reynolds, Raschi, Lopat, and Ford. Later, it was Guidry, Hunter, Torrez, Figueora. More recently: Clemens, Pettitte, Wells, El Duque.


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