Trial and (Deliberate) Error

The trial of the men allegedly behind the match- and spot-fixing scandal that threatened to derail the Test and one-day series between England and Pakistan in 2010 has finally come to pass, and seedy revelation is being piled on seedy revelation, like Mount Pelion upon Mount Ossa. One allegation is that the Australian team were apparent masters of the art of spot-fixing (making something happen in the course of the game at exactly the time punters have betted that that thing will happen), an accusation that the Australian authorities have (naturally) denied. One thing is clear, though: vast sums of money can be made by players and others through betting on the games. It’s a scandal that’s only going to go away if players are punished severely, and (in the case of poorer countries’ cricketers) paid well enough that the temptation of easy money is reduced.


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