The Postseason Aura of Joe DiMaggio

Joltin' Joe, the original Mr. October

The postseason “success ratio” of Joe DiMaggio is part of his aura. In the days when “postseason” meant only one thing, the World Series, and usually the New York Yankees as part of it, DiMaggio owned October. Although his batting statistics do not indicate such, consider this: The Clipper played thirteen seasons in the big leagues, appearing in ten World Series, on the winning team nine times. He anchored arguably some of the strongest, most-dominant teams ever: the 1936-39 Yankees. Reggie Jackson may be Mr. October, and Mickey Mantle may have collected the most home runs in this month; Babe Ruth may have batted .625 one October. But when a player is on the winning side 70 percent of the time, when all the chips are on the table, that’s saying something.


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