When Did the Florida Marlins Become “The Miami Marlins”?

The Marlins get a makeover

When did this happen? The Marlins are no longer representing a giant state for the National League, only a great city. The Marlins have their eye on Albert Pujols to go along with their new identity, logo, and retractable-dome stadium. Who knows if Jorge Posada is lured southward? Word is he may try to throw his hat into the free-agent ring, though I suspect he will end his career as a New York Yankee with an official-retirement announcement sometime during this hot-stove period.

(Although neither Pujols [to date] nor Posada went to the Marlins, on August 11, 2017, it was reported former New York Yankees star Derek Jeter is a key component among a group that successfully bid for a franchise that has seen many ups and downs, and changes. The deal is expected to be approved by club owners in fall 2017.)


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