December 1, 2011, Is Valentine’s Day

Bobby Valentine to the rescue!

Former major-league player (whose potentially brilliant career was cut short by injury), manager of the Texas Rangers and New York Mets, Japanese-championship manager (and speaker of that difficult language to some extent), restaurateur, as well as, most recently, ESPN commentator, Bobby Valentine will be announced, at 5:30 Eastern Time, as the new skipper of the Boston Red Sox.

There is something Nixonian in every sense, even Shakespearean, about Bobby V. He should be a perfect fit for both a veteran team with a huge payroll as well as the New England/RSN (that’s Red Sox Nation for you cricket fans) faithful and second-guessers. Valentine seems to have sprung from the head of some god of controversy: Call-in-radio phones will be ringing off their respective hooks.

Good luck to Bobby V.! You were thoroughly fascinating as I (Evander) watched you daily at the helm of the New York Mets. You often proved me right; but many more times, you devilishly proved me wrong.

Postscript: I am proud of, and delighted that, writing partner Martin Rowe has purchased from Netflix, and is currently watching, not to mention thoroughly enjoying (!), Ken Burns's majestic 18.5-hour (before "the extra inning") PBS documentary, Baseball. So inspired, I will be tuning in to the BBC The Empire of Cricket on YouTube.


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1 Response to December 1, 2011, Is Valentine’s Day

  1. Hey, Evander and Martin! This is fantastic! I like your take on Bobby V. I wish him well. Please add me to your emailing list. I’d like to try your newsletter in addition to the NY Times sports page. Charles Roth

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