What Do I Put on the Kindle I Got for Christmas?

It’s a question we know you’re asking. Well, the book on which this site is premised, Right Off the Bat, is available in a Kindle as well as print edition, with over two hundred and fifty hyperlinks that will take you directly to a site or an image or a video that depict just what we’re talking about. We like to think we describe the great West Indian fast bowler Michael Holding’s bowling action in lyrical terms that summon up Shakespeare at his most eloquent. But why not see for your self, and wax your own poetical?


About rightoffthebatbook

Co-author of the book, "Right Off the Bat: Baseball, Cricket, Literature, and Life"
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2 Responses to What Do I Put on the Kindle I Got for Christmas?

  1. Zaynah Qutubuddin says:

    Hello! I was led to this post because of the word “Kindle” but now I’m actually rather intrigued by the title of your book (and site)! I was just talking to my dad about cricket and trying to understand it because he used to play. I think I’ve found a good book for the both of us but I’ll probably get the print version because I don’t own an ereader. Take care!

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