Singing Like Caruso (or Torre)

Will Joe Torre be wearing Dodger Blue in the owners' box?

Joe Torre is either going to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers, not buy the Los Angeles Dodgers; act as a front man for a Caruso (not Enrico), or yield to an hidalgo named Cuba. The names are merely a sidelight. Not only has the McCourt family lost the team—it wasn’t long ago that the Dodgers, not the Red Sox and the Yankees, was the premier franchise in Major League Baseball—but there are all sorts of other big questions in Dodgerland: whether Dodger Stadium, the crown jewels of baseball stadiums, will remain in Chavez Ravine for example. (The pooh-bahs of professional football likewise cast an eye on L.A.) Artists’ renditions, viewed by Right Off the Bat (and we have little doubt several-million others), of new stadiums (or “fields”) in Tinsel Town, lead one to wonder what 2012 and (especially) beyond hold.


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