A Tale of Two Series

Two cricket series recently ended. A resurgent Pakistan took on top dogs England in three Test matches (in which Pakistan thrashed a hopeless England 3-0), four one-day internationals (in which England thrashed a hopeless Pakistan 4-0), and three Twenty20s (in which England eked out a narrow victory 2-1). It was thrilling stuff from two evenly matched sides, both of which learned important lessons about their strengths and weaknesses and provided entertaining cricket.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Australia, India, and Sri Lanka played 15—count em, 15—one-day internationals, at the end of which nobody could give a toss as to who won. The grounds were half full and by the end of the endless parade of undifferentiated games, I ([Martin] along with many others) was on my knees begging for the series to be over. True, the Australians blooded a few new players, but the series was the kind of overkill that threatens to turn everyone off the game.  Sometimes, less really is more.


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