Ruth in Early Retirement

The face that launched 729 home runs (15 of them in World Series play)

Get a good look at that face. It is Babe Ruth, in a WPA photograph from 1936, taken at the Polo Grounds before or during the World Series, September 30. The year after Ruth called it quits was Joe DiMaggio’s rookie season: Lou Gehrig had a typical monster campaign. Although “King” Carl Hubbell, a.k.a. “The Meal Ticket”, and the New York Giants bested the Yankees in the first game, the Yanks won the second by a record 18-4 score, and went on to capture the title in six games. Ruth sits beside glamorous wife Claire, to his right (our left); and that’s Kate Smith in (our) left foreground (looking as if she could belt a few round-trippers herself, before the moon comes over the mountain).


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