Clemens: He’s Not the Pope but He’s Innocent

Roger Clemens


Ecclesiastical jokes aside, as if to prove our point that one of the greater glories of cricket and baseball is that they’re three parts purity to one part sleaze (or should that be three parts sleaze to one part purity?), more news from the judiciary. As cricket fan, Texan billionaire, and convicted fraudster Allen Stanford enjoys his first few days in prison, pitching great Roger Clemens (left) has been found not guilty on all counts of lying about his drug use before Congress—thus avoiding potentially thirty years in the slammer. This is as it should be, because we all know that Roger Clemens is as pure as the driven snow. Never touched a drop of The Juice. Oh no. Not him. Others, maybe. But, absolutely and categorically not Roger. Just look at that face—innocence written all over it. And because we always bring you more at Right Off the Bat, here is one of Clemens’ best: “Ego Flos Campi” sung by Stile Antico.


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