Right Off the Bat at One

Cricket is alive and well in the the Boston area. (Aram Boghostan for the Boston Globe)

This Thursday, July 12, Right Off the Bat celebrates its first birthday as a regular book as well as an e-book. We thank all our readers of the book: in either format as well as via this blog. But there is more work to be done—and we’re doing it!

This fascinating article, from the Boston Globe and courtesy of Dr. William Van Ornum—from time to time guest blogger, mostly (but not exclusively) reporting on the National League and Chicago Cubs scenes—has much to offer. But we reject one interjected claim in the story: viz., that all that cricket and baseball have in common would be bat and ball. (Uh-hunhh.)


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Co-author of the book, "Right Off the Bat: Baseball, Cricket, Literature, and Life"
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