The Melkman’s Matinee

Melky Cabrera, perhaps contemplating Zager and Evans’s “In the Year 2525” and the power of the Internet. (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

In a bizarre but hardly surprising twist to his 50-game-suspension tale, the Daily News discloses that erstwhile National League superstar Melky Cabrera had helpers concocting the Internet posting that was meant to keep him out of Dante’s (or Bud Selig’s) Steroid Inferno. One wonders what level of knuckleheadism a major-league player must reach (or descend to) to test positive, even to take a chance with performance-enhancers in the 2010s, particularly in the walk-year (as I believe it is) of his contract. Exhibit A was Manny Ramirez, super-duper-star. Exhibit B: Ryan Braun, 2011 N.L. batting champion, who got off due to a FedEx mixup, a subject featured in two of our blogs. Exhibit C: The 2012 All-Star Game Most Valuable Player. Perhaps it would be easier, as Martin suggests, to open a Steroids-and-HGH Wing in Cooperstown.


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