Pascual Mania

Destined for greatness, derailed by drugs.

Remembering back to the earlyish days of cable TV—ca. 1982, 1983, and 1984, before my (Evander’s) neck of the woods was wired for Pay TV and the Betamax was big news—I still can see lucky New Yorkers in tight Manhattan quarters watching Atlanta Braves games, on their Sony televisions, over Superstation TBS. In a brilliant bit of corporate strategy and synergy, Ted Turner had fashioned his Braves into America’s Team (along with the Chicago Cubs), by beaming games coast to coast. The Atlanta Braves were still in the National League West, meaning the franchise logged plenty of Frequent Flier Miles. Dale Murphy was winning all those MVP Awards. But the most memorable player from those days and that club, the subject of Pascual Mania throughout Major League Baseball, was flamboyant righty Pascual Perez. He was recently found murdered in his Santo Domingo home. Dead at fifty-five, R.I.P.


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