Semanus Mirabilis in Cricket

It’s been a remarkable week for cricket—one so full of improbable stories, unlikely heroes, and record-breaking achievements that I (Martin) can’t contain them in just one blog. One of the more astonishing facets of the last few days is that, at one point, four Test matches were being played simultaneously around the world: Australia were slugging it out with South Africa in Brisbane; India were being humiliated by England in Mumbai; West Indies were taking Bangladesh to the cleaners in Khulna; and New Zealand’s game with Sri Lanka remains delicately poised in Colombo. The only two top-tier teams that didn’t make it to a ground were Pakistan and Zimbabwe. According to those sage souls over at Test Match Sofa, this is the first time in the history of cricket that four Test matches have taken place simultaneously around the world, which is either crazy planning on behalf of the cricket authorities or a sign that the much-anticipated death of the longest form of the game of cricket has been overhyped. Given the nature of the games, I sure hope it’s the latter.


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