Deandra Dottin

Deandra Dottin

Deandra Dottin: Get out your helmets!

It’s come to our notice that we don’t talk enough about women on Right Off the Bat. So, we’re going to rectify that in the next few weeks by profiling some of the leading figures in the world of cricket. First off, we have the West Indies all-rounder Deandra Dottin, who, even though her team didn’t win the recent Women’s World Cup in India, nonetheless made a big impression with the ball and, even more so, with the bat. Dottin, whose hero is the imperious maestro and insouciant destroyer Vivian Richards, not only hits the ball equivalently as hard as the legendary Antiguan, but has the same swagger and confidence as the great man. Like Richards, she also brings a welcome edge to the game, a certain braggadoccio that can only be good for bringing more crowds to the women’s game. Here’s a Dottin cameo in the World Cup tournament, against New Zealand.


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