Hidden-ball Trick (2)

Do the Hustle!

Do the Hustle!

As noted, I (Evander) today lugged my ten-pound wooden-slatted seat, taken from the original Yankee Stadium, pre-1974-76 renovation, to be signed by Gene Michael. It was a pleasure to meet “The Stick,” who obliged me with his carefully written autograph.

There were three middle infielders, in all, at this card show. Michael had played shortstop for the Yankees, 1968 to 1974. During the same general era, the Mets featured Bud Harrelson at the same position, while Pete Rose began major-league life as a second-baseman with the Cincinnati Reds.

Rose has a certain vibe. (Cricket fans ought to know Pete Rose, a.k.a. Charlie Hustle, has collected the most hits in big-league history, but has been banned from the sport for gambling on it.) I have rarely had such a reaction to a sports figure in the flesh. The irony is Bud Harrelson had set up signature shop two seats away from Charlie Hustle. Some will remember the ground-shaking altercation between the Mousterian Rose and the diminutive Harrelson, at Shea Stadium, during the third game of the 1973 NLCS.

I wondered if forty years had mellowed either. Following is footage of Rose taking poor Harrelson apart.


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