South Africa Resurgent

The English team has been crushed; the Indian side are rebuilding; and the Australians are seeing some light at the end of their long, dark tunnel. For the general-interest fan, these make for interesting times about the also-rans of international cricket. But, on top of the tree, a full 16 points ahead of any rival, sit the South Africans: easily the best team in the world. With a world-class batting line-up that stretches comfortably to number eight and comprises two of the top five batsmen in the world, and with a bowling unit that features the best two bowlers in the world in Vernon Philander and Dale Steyn, the South Africans have depth, flexibility, and a tenacity that makes them both durable and entertaining to watch. Long may it continue!

I (Martin) am of an age when I can remember a time when South Africans sides couldn’t play international sport because of the hateful regime of Apartheid. I also recall the murmurs of discontent at the lack of racial diversity in the side—how it was still overwhelmingly white. Well, the team and the country has come on in leaps and bounds since those days, and it’s fascinating to see how well the team has done not only in representing more the spectrum of the Rainbow Nation but in attaining success in the last few years without tokenism. And long may that continue, as well!


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