Citi Field Goes Vegan

Johanna McCloy (right): making vegans and the health-conscious happy.

Johanna McCloy (right): making vegans and the health-conscious happy.

As the previous post suggests, on Friday, August 15th, Evander and I (Martin) took the F Train from the Right Off the Bat Media Complex in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, intercepted the Number 7 train at Roosevelt Avenue, and hightailed it to Citi Field in Flushing to watch the New York Mets entertain—and I use the word not so much loosely as with carefree abandon—the Chicago Cubs in a game that Jane Austen, early doyenne of the sporting arts, called “base-ball.”

As we know, sports stadia these days are less about the game being played on the central sward than about the consumption that takes place in the stands and at the perimeters. For a vegan such as myself, these arenas usually present depressingly few options. Not so, Citi Field. I had barely made it to sniffing distance of the Food Court, when Two Boots Pizza hove into view with its “V is For Vegan” slice—complete with Daiya cheese. Across the way, a vegan patty in a large vegetable and salad sandwich rose to the surface to see if I’d bite. Reader, I did both, and subsequently enjoyed the game enormously.

Suffice to say, none of this would be possible without the sterling work of actress Johanna McCloy, whose organization Veggie Happy has been campaigning for years to make the food inside stadiums healthier, kinder, and less gut-busting. Thanks to Johanna, our stomachs and consciences can all rest a little easier.


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