The Cricket World Cup: Day 2

Martin here: We’ve now had four games in the World Cup 2015 and the shape of the tournament is already pretty clear (at least in my judgment). Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and India are, barring miracles or meltdowns, going to cruise through the group stage and qualify for the quarter-finals and probably the semi-finals. None of these games (Australia against England; South Africa against Zimbabwe; New Zealand against Sri Lanka; and India against Pakistan) was even close. All four of the winning teams demonstrated their incredible depth of batting—and its destructiveness—that places chasing teams (significantly, perhaps, all four teams batted first) at a huge disadvantage. We’re also seeing just how, in this age of thick bats and more fielding restrictions, how marginal a team’s bowling unit is—even on the slow pitches of New Zealand. If you enjoy balls being belted around a park, then this is heaven. If you want tight, exciting matches, where you can squeeze an opponent to death rather than bludgeon him over the head, then you’ll just have to wait until the associate teams play one another—or the West Indies.


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