A Rise from the Ashes

One of the reasons why sport engrosses large panoply of the society is that it mirrors life. People can pick an image of themselves, a person who they think represents them and what they stand for in life and then support that person until the last breadth that sportsperson takes in the arena.

Like life, sport shows the filthy rich on talent given to them through divine intervention. You also see the journeymen who would beat everyone and their brother in their village or town, but at the largest stage are only good enough to do a job and earn a living. Then there are those eccentric characters, who alone make a sport worth watching. Heroes to traitors, Demure and honest to loud and canny. You can find all sorts in sport.

But one thing that sports almost exclusively puts forth in the most public way possible is the very real human struggle of one day being in the doldrums and being called “unselectable” by your coach to two years later, playing in a way that befits your talents and God-given ability. Almost everyone who is anyone in this world has gone through those moments in his or her own professions and personal lives. Moments where every step you take is taking you towards the wrong direction. Where the rules around you have changed all of a sudden and things you did right yesterday have now been made wrong to do today. And the worst – too many cooks (mentors) have messed you broth with their pointless advise.

It is a pleasure to see someone so publicly rise from the ashes. (the pun might have been intended, pardon me) Steven Finn’s transformation is the feel-good story of the summer and nothing short of an Oscar-winning script. When good things happen to great blokes who are genuinely nice and appreciate that what they have is not to be taken for granted, it’s really special. I hope he takes a moment to celebrate this moment. I know the cricket world is.

Keep going, good lad.

Parth Taneja


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  1. tomegerton04 says:

    Really good read.

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