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Ozzie, No Harriet

Colorful manager Ozzie Guillen of the Chicago White Sox, who captured a rare World Series for the franchise in 2005, will not return in 2012. In fact, I do not think he will be finishing out the 2011 season with … Continue reading

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Joe Girardi’s Knucklehead Move

The season’s underway and I already get to vent because the Yankees lost their first game that they should have won, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as it were. Sure, we’re only five games into the campaign. If … Continue reading

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The Florida Marlins Will Take the National League Wild Card

Mike Stanton: huge upside I conclude my predictions with possibly the most challenging of all: NL Wild Card. It could be the Reds, the Braves, the Cardinals, the Padres, the Giants, or any of the clubs I have forecast as … Continue reading

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Plenty of Brotherly Love Except for the Rest of the National League

The Philadelphia Phillies are in a class by themselves, and in 2011 should win their second World Series in four seasons. I (Evander) start with the starters: Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels are the southpaws. Lee has proved himself one … Continue reading

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Predicting Other than the World Cup

Ladies and Gentlemen, and All Ships at Sea. (And hold your breath all fans of Right Off the Bat.) I just sent Tipsy in Toluca LakeĀ  my 2011 predictions. Of course, “predicting” is ridiculous. Some highly touted free agent in … Continue reading

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