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“Americanizing” the Original Americans thro Baseball

This book tells a harsh story of late-19th-century race and baseball in the U.S. Set at a federally funded boarding school, where indoctrination in what was rapidly becoming the National Pastime would “transform” (read civilize) Native Americans into “Americans,” the … Continue reading


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Ian Kennedy, Clayton Kershaw, Justin Verlander

One of the true surprises, if not shocks, of 2011 is the success of Yankees castoff Ian Kennedy (21-4). His earned-run average is something like 2.88 and he has nearly 200 strikeouts. As the Yankees were developing Phil Hughes, Ian … Continue reading

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A Word about Jim Thorpe

One of the greatest Americans played Major League Baseball for the New York Giants, the Cincinnati Reds, and (ironically) for the Boston Braves. I’m speaking of Jim Thorpe. Of mixed race (as are today’s Jacoby Ellsbury of the Boston Red … Continue reading

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