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The Broad Identity

Among the plaudits being offered following the England cricket team’s trouncing of Australia in the first Test match of the Ashes series, one man, in the humble opinion of this blog, is not getting his due. We agree that it is … Continue reading

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The Cricket World Cup: A Preview, Part 2

Hot on the heels of the The Cricket World Cup: A Preview, Part 1, here comes the second installment, featuring the four other top teams. South Africa It’s fair to say the biggest hurdle that South Africa has to overcome is … Continue reading

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The Beards to Be (Not) Feared

The more observant baseball fans among you will know that a lot of store is put in hairiness or the lack of it. The Yankees are notoriously clean shaven; their perennial rivals the Boston Red Sox, by contrast, are riotously hirsute. … Continue reading

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What the Hell Happened to India?

Reader: Consider two cricket teams—India and England—both alike in dignity. Both sides are in transition: even though their star players may have departed to the skyboxes and commentary positions, both teams are blessed with plenty of youthful talent—to wit, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya … Continue reading


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