The World Cup So Far

So, we’re just over half way through the global one-day cricket shindig known as the World Cup, and there have been few surprises. The Associate Member nations—the second-tier cricketing teams that once every four years get to play with the big boys—have been a disappointment, except for the Irish, who are looking better and better. India is looking strong, the Australians are just warming up, and the South Africans need to wake up. The Pakistan side is, as always, bursting with talent but combustible, and the Sri Lankans are purring along nicely. Meanwhile, the England team looks as though it needs a good, long rest, and the West Indies are playing it cool when they need to turn up the heat.

So, who’s going to win? The odds must still favor India, with their dynamic and formidable batting line up. Australia will move into a higher gear when they need to, and Sri Lanka are (like India) playing on home soil, and have very strong batsmen. It seems very unlikely that a winner won’t emerge from these three.


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