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Erin Go Bragh

The easy victory that the Ireland cricket team achieved today over the West Indies in the 2015 World Cup would, only a few years ago, have been greeted with gasps of astonishment from Ireland fans and lamentation from those of the West Indies. However, … Continue reading


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The Cricket World Cup: A Preview, Part 3

We’ve already reviewed (in parts 1 and 2) the top eight teams in the competition. What makes the World Cup so fun (or monumentally boring and drawn-out, depending on your perspective) is the presence of, in the 2015 version, six second-tier … Continue reading

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The Unluckiness of the Irish

In a staggering piece of stupidity, the International Cricket Council—the ruling body of the game of cricket—has determined that only the 10 full-member nations will compete in the 2015 one-day World Cup. This means that Ireland, which put up such … Continue reading

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Erin Go Bragh

It’s the second full day of spring and it snowed in the Bronx yesterday, huge flakes. The good news is it didn’t snow down here at World Cricket Central in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, which is obviously south of the snow … Continue reading

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The World Cup So Far

So, we’re just over half way through the global one-day cricket shindig known as the World Cup, and there have been few surprises. The Associate Member nations—the second-tier cricketing teams that once every four years get to play with the … Continue reading

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Why Irish Eyes Are Smiling

The Irish cricket team have just pulled off the unthinkable. Not only have they beaten England—generally fancied as the much better team—but they’ve done so in style, and staging the largest ever run chase in World Cup history: 328. They … Continue reading

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Shut me up, fellas.

Every cricket World Cup, a number of Associate Member (a.k.a. second tier) cricket teams (a.k.a. “minnows”) get to swim with the big fish. This time around, Canada, The Netherlands, Kenya, and Ireland will be duking it out with Australia, India, … Continue reading

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