Erin Go Bragh

It’s the second full day of spring and it snowed in the Bronx yesterday, huge flakes. The good news is it didn’t snow down here at World Cricket Central in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, which is obviously south of the snow line. Except for that second day following the vernal equinox, it is supposed to snow even in Brooklyn tomorrow. And it might pile up!

Martin and I are about finished putting our heads between covers, having gone over second proof of Right Off the Bat. Lookin’ good, my friends….

I’m experiencing less agita since the Mets released Messrs Castillo and Perez; plus, Jeter and A-Rod, respectively, are having monster spring trainings.

Aside from weird weather (Marzo e Pazzo as the Italians say), the arrival of spring, and NYC spring-training headlines, the biggest news is taking place in India. For all those feverishly awaiting our news report from World Cup 2011, check out Ireland. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. But who knew the Irish were a cricket juggernaut?

Martello Tower, where James Joyce and Oliver St. John Gogarty Lived.


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