India versus Pakistan

Yuvraj Singh: He Has a Following

They’ve fought three wars between them; they both have nuclear weapons; they possess the greatest cricket rivalry outside of England versus Australia; and they’re going head-to-head in the semi-final of the World Cup on Wednesday.

On the one side, the superstars of India—the batting behemoths of Sachin Tendulkar and Virinder Sehwag, and the destroyers Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh. On the other, the maverick and wholly unpredictable Pakistan, with their talismanic spinner, Shahid Afridi, and the ever-resourceful, Umar Gul.

As if it couldn’t be more combustible, the match is being played in Chandigarh in Indian Punjab, which is only about 120 miles from Lahore. It’s going to be hot (temperatures in the upper 90s), and you can expect tempers to flare and fireworks—both literal and metaphorical. There’ll be wild shots, accusations and counteraccusations, and a level of noise in the stadium that will approximate standing next to a space rocket lifting off from Cape Canaveral.

You won’t want to miss it.


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