Let’s Talk about the Indians (or the Guardians Beginning in 2022)

Asdrubal Cabrera makes it look easy.

I do not mean the Indian cricket team. I’m talking Cleveland Indians. How come I am so high on them? They have basically flat-lined over the past two seasons (65 wins in 2009, 69 last season), descending from 96 wins in 2007. Well, I like the fact that they are the youngest team in Major League Baseball. I like manager Manny Acta. If Grady Sizemore stays healthy, he’s as good a center fielder as any. Asdrubal Cabrera has plenty of range at shortstop, and Shin-Soo Choo gets a “Buy” rating in the Fantasy Baseball universe. Fausto Carmona has Cy Young Award potential as a starter, and you gotta love Chris Perez and the laconically named Tony Sipp in the pen. I like Austin Kearns as a backup outfielder. He didn’t really get to strut his stuff with the Yankees last season. The Indians are not exactly in a weak-sister division. The Minnesota Twins, with the always-great manager (the best in baseball) Ron Gardenhire, and the talk-about-combustible-but-entertaining Ozzie Guillen heading the Chisox, make for stiff competition. Hey, I think Cleveland is due for a break!


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