Let’s Not Forget April 23

Not just any stuffed shirt: one of Shakespeare's early patrons, the earl of Pembroke

April 23, 1952, Hall of Fame knuckleball relief specialist Hoyt Wilhelm hit a home run in his very first time at bat in the big leagues. Even though he played in 1,069 more games, it would be his only home run. April 23, 1954, Hall of Fame slugger Henry Aaron hit his first of 755 home runs. And April 23, 1616, for all you literary types about to wander into Right Off the Bat, is notable for being, more or less in the words of singer Don McLean, the day the literature died: Messrs Cervantes and Shakespeare. Though before we go all negative, it is thought Shakespeare also was born on an April 23: in 1564. (Incidentally, in honor of the authors I learned a new word today: gormless, which, definitely, none of these April 23 Big Leaguers is in any way.)


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