This Bud’s for You

The Los Angeles Dodgers's Ashes (Photo by David Shankbone)

Bud Selig and Major League Baseball are taking over operation of the Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s a story told by ESPN in about as much detail as one could want. Frank McCourt and his wife Jamie, partners in life (until now) and the team, are going slightly crazy. He even fired her! (Talk about Angela’s Ashes! OK, so her name isn’t “Angela.” But we are talking Los Angeles.) Of course, the Texas Rangers were taken over in 2010 by MLB, and perhaps it catapulted them to their first World Series. (They were once upon a time part-owned by the previous U.S. President.) Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing for the Dodgers, literally for decades the premier franchise, top to bottom, in MLB. The best minor-league system. The highest attendance. The cleanest, most beautiful stadium. None of these takeovers bodes well for baseball. Are the Mets next? How peachy: one Pennant-winner and the two biggest-market franchises all run by Bud Selig.


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