Fan Clubs, Eastern and Western

Cal Koonce

Right now, if you live in India or the West Indies, you can share the joy and passion of Cricket by joining TheCricFanClub. On their website, you can even relive the T20 World Cup 2010 or replay England versus Zimbabwe, 2010….But if you are a baseball fan in Chicago, and want to relive the 1964 Cubs season via pitchers Cal Koonce or Dick Ellsworth, you might recall these fan-club lyrics that teenagers (and those a little younger) serenaded them with from the right-field bleachers!

“Dick Ellsworth Fan Club Song”
(to the tune of “God Save the Queen”)

Dick Ellsworth never balks,
Nor does he give up walks.
That’s why we shout!
Land where our southpaw throws,
From where each batter knows
Once Dick lets go of the ball
Tha-at he’ll . . . strike . . . out.

“Cal Koonce Fan Club Song”
(To the tune of “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again”)

Hey, Cal! Come on and pitch the ball!
Hoorah! Hoorah!
O curve it so the strikeouts fall!
Hoorah! Hoorah!
Remember you’re on the pitcher’s mound
So listen close to the cheering sound
Of the grandstand mob who’s waiting to see the sprawl!
Of the grandstand mob who’s waiting to see the sprawl!

From East to West and back again, it’s beautiful music: here you can even sing along with Ola Ola Olay, the cheering song for Sri Lanka in the World Cup.


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