Broken Bat

The real Cochise: He didn't worry about broken bats so much as broken arrows.

There once was a TV show called Broken Arrow, and I believe it was on the ABC network (when stuff like The Big Three Networks mattered to the Mad Men of the Nielsen ratings). Today, players and even fans need to concern themselves with broken bats. But according to engineer Dave Kretchmann and yahoo sports, the problem is not so serious as it once was. “A tree died for this?” you may ask. In college, certainly, aluminum bats are standard. The ping off aluminum is not particularly inspiring. But, being ecologically minded (especially having worked with Martin Rowe) I can see the advantages. Remember Roger Clemens of the Yankees viciously chucking a sharp bat fragment at a bewildered Mike Piazza of the Mets in the 2000 World Series? I am in favor of any change that makes for a safer stadium experience.


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