Sterling and Suzyn at Wrigley

Chicago-baseball broadcasting great, Jack Brickhouse

At first it was just another lead-in to a Yankee broadcast on WCBS–but when I, Bill, heard “Yankees versus Chicago Cubs” I did a double-take. Don’t think I ever heard a game like this before.  Memories of long-ago broadcasts, TV or radio, with Jack Brickhouse, Lou Boudreau, or Vince Lloyd came to mind. Suzyn Waldman brought the almost over-the-top enthusiasm of a first-time visitor to her announcement. When she described the rickety stairway going under the first base stands, up through a wire cage enclosed passage toward right field, all those times I stood there under the stands waiting for an autograph from the visiting team came to mind. Her amazement at the Sheffield Avenue rooftop bleachers was enormous; to us longtime Cubs fans this is merely part of the rich history of the team. Growing up in Chicago, I was always in awe of the Yankees. Now in this rare turnabout, John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman brought my hometown team back in a new, appreciated focus.


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