Who Is this Guy?

Nelson Cruz, basher of the Texas Rangers

Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers has hit six home runs in the postseason. Who is this guy? He was drafted by the New York Mets. He had a cup of coffee with the Milwaukee Brewers. He has been in Texas ever since, paying big dividends as a second-line star. Cruz is second-line no more. He added to his remarkable totals (six) with another home run in the Rangers’s 15-5 romp over the Detroit Tigers. Texas, in its various incarnations, has yet to win a World Series in fifty years. This will be their second straight trip to The Dance, as they await the winner of the Cardinals-Brewers series in Milwaukee. So-called postseason baseball began less than three months after the human race reached the moon. I (Evander) am not a fan of combining postseason, intraleague statistics with World Series statistics. Bernie Williams of the New York Yankees had amazing postseason stats and success. But for me, Mickey Mantle’s mind-bending eighteen home runs in the World Series cannot be compared, in any form, to post-1969 postseason-stats keeping. Nevertheless, what Cruz accomplished in the Detroit series is remarkable. He caps a difficult, hot, dry season in Texas. Right Off the Bat sends congratulations to Nelson Cruz, and his Rangers of Arlington, for capturing the 2011 American League Pennant.


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