As Pete Seeger Might Ask, Where Have All the Frontline Pitchers Gone?

Albert Pujols looking for pitching? One of these NL teams will soon be packing their beards for the winter.

I (Evander) am having a difficult time staying involved with this Game 6 between the Cardinals and the home-team Milwaukee Brewers. At this writing, it is the bottom of the seventh inning and the Cardinals lead 11 to 6. The pitching is atrocious. The Brewers have made three errors. Instead of finishing things off, I guess LaRussa will hold Chris Carpenter for a potential Game 7. I just do not feel this is championship-quality play. The final AL game of the year, a 15-5 laugher, also does not seem so funny. Where has all the front-line pitching gone? Where have all the flowers gone?


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