Well-Couched Questions with Subash Jayaraman

Evander and I had a great time talking cricket and baseball with Subash Jayaraman of The Cricket Couch yesterday. Here’s the page and here’s the talk (mp3)!

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4 Responses to Well-Couched Questions with Subash Jayaraman

  1. Martin and Evander,
    Thank you very much for coming on the “Couch Talk”. It was my pleasure having you both and hope our paths cross much more often in the future.
    Here is the link to the podcast: http://thecricketcouch.com/blog/2011/10/19/couch-talk-episode-19-with-martin-rowe-evander-lomke-right-off-the-bat/

    Thanks again,

  2. jamieumbc says:


    I just finished listening to the podcast and enjoyed it very much. I recently read your book (Kindle version) and enjoyed that as well.

    In your discussion with Subash, you speculated on how best to introduce cricket to Americans. I wanted to make you aware of the work of the United States Youth Cricket Association, the nation’s youth cricket organization, which is building a solid foundation for the sport at a truly grassroots level.

    In the past year, USYCA has donated over 700 cricket sets to schools in the United States, and because of the USYCA Schools Program, cricket will be played this fall by hundreds of thousands of American schoolchildren. USYCA has also begun the process of creating introductory youth cricket programs, under the auspices of established community sports organizations, for the Summer of 2012.

    In 2012, USYCA plans on placing cricket sets in an additional 1,000 American schools through its ICC award-winning Schools Program and launching dozens of new community youth cricket programs. USYCA will also be sponsoring and conducting coach training sessions across the United States, such as the sold-out ICC Level I course scheduled for later this month in Maryland.

    If you’re interested in seeing what we’re all about, I invite you to visit our website at http://usyca.org.

    Jamie Harrison
    President, USYCA

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