Yankees Universe Parking Fiasco (World Series to Begin)

Put Up a Parking Lot?

Is the big news in New York that the World Series, pitting the St. Louis Cardinals against the Texas Rangers, begins tomorrow? It may be the news of the world, but not in Yankees Universe. Yankees Universe has a messy parking-garage crisis on its hands. A corporation no one ever heard of was formed to provide state-of-the-art, mega-expensive ($35) parking next to the new Yankee Stadium. Now in a desperation move, officials and investors are considering construction of a luxury hotel and/or housing on the site to generate real income and recover funds on bonds that may not be repaid on time (if ever). Now that a Metro-North station serves many suburbanites’ needs with reliable public transit, who needs an insanely priced parking garage? Next to a train station! Nice work, people. Maybe someone thought that stampede to those high-rolling year-round restaurants, like the Hard Rock Cafe, inside Yankee Stadium would generate lots of parking revenue. I (Evander) never felt the slightest need for any new Yankee Stadium to begin with, never mind overpriced parking.


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