The All-important Game 3

Josh Hamilton's sacrifice fly is big-time hitting for this (to-date) offensively challenged World Series.

I (Evander) have been watching this World Series at a bit of a distance and disadvantage. For Game 2, I was at the year-end (fiscal year begins November 1) board meeting of the foundation I direct when I am not working on Right Off the Bat promotion. During Game 1, I was burning the midnight oil (as John Milton would say) in preparation for the board meeting. Last night, I attended a memorial for the former director of the Deutsches Haus, NYU, a close professional friend for many years. Now I can concentrate on the World Series. (Sorry Toby and Win: I’ll be missing my first World Series party in several years.) Joe Torre always said Game 3 was the key to any seven-game (and perhaps five-game) series. Pay particular attention to this one. Although the Seeger-like question of Where Has All the Pitching Gone? was asked in the respective Pennant series, I might now ask, “Where Has All the Offense Gone?” Josh Hamilton. Albert Pujols. Nelson Cruz. To date, a grand total of eight runners have crossed home plate ahead of any throw home or tag. Weather permitting, the ball tends to fly at The Ballpark (if it still has this name) in Texas. From replays and other highlights, it seems to be the hitters are overanxious, trying to play the ultimate hero and hit what is called the “five-run home run.” (Yes, cricket fans and baseball learners: Such is impossible.) The only surprise is we will not be surprised.


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