Chris Carpenter: Formidable St. Louis Starter

Should the Rangers defeat Chris Carpenter, they would have the upper hand.

If the Texas Rangers are to seize the upper hand of this World Series, now deadlocked, they must solve Chris Carpenter. The right-handed ace of the St. Louis Cardinals defeated Doc Halliday 1-0 to get his (Carpenter’s) team where they are. In days of yore, a Carpenter would have started Game 5 and been ready to pitch on short rest for Game 7 if needed. Today, it is difficult to imagine Tony La Russa returning to Carpenter in such a situation, unless a rain out or other unforeseen disruption of the Series were to occur. (Thus creating an extra day of rest for his hurler.) If we reach a Game 7, of course, it’s “all hands on deck.” I think that’s called synecdoche in the world of literary rhetoric. Whatever, the Series, now going to the first team to win two games, already has been one of the more-memorable ones in recent…memory.


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